Baby born feet first in hospital dash

Annica Sandström from Piteå in northern Sweden was forced to give birth at the side of the road after her husband was informed that there were no ambulances available.

When Annica’s contractions began in the middle of the night the couple were left with little choice but to embark on the 55 km drive from Piteå to Luleå in their car.

But soon came the realization that they were not going to reach their destination on time. On a tarpaulin at the side of the E4 motorway, Annica gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

The delivery however was not without its complications: the couple’s new daughter made her way into the world feet first.

“Nobody should have to go through this. Next time it might not work out so well,” Jim Sandström told Piteå-Tidningen.

According to the new dad, their experience shows that Piteå is in dire need of a maternity ward.

Last year five babies in the Norrbotten region entered the world in a similar fashion.