Government to launch ‘driving test’ for boats

Government to launch 'driving test' for boats
Photo: Göran Assner
Swedish boaters may soon need to pass a 'driving test' before taking to the seas. Should a forthcoming government proposal gain acceptance the new requirement will apply to boats that are over seven metres long and/or have a top speed of at least ten knots.

“Between 200,000 and 250,000 boat owners may need to take the driving test,” said Lars Högdahl from the Ministry of Enterprise.

A generous set of transitional rules may however soften the blow. Seasoned boaters with many years of documented experience will for example be eligible for a licence without needing to first pass a test.

“We are aiming for the future and don’t want to take anything away from anybody,” said Högdahl.

The official hopes to present the results of his inquiry later this year.