Angry beavers frighten bathers

Angry beavers have managed to successfully scare off the locals after taking over a bathing area in Lindesberg in central Sweden. But local authorities have vowed to exterminate the current batch of river-dwelling rodents.

Angry beavers frighten bathers
Photo: Tancread

The most recent incident came at the weekend as three generations of the same family were out enjoying a swim in the Bottenån river.

A mother and her two children could only look on in horror as a beaver went on the attack, biting the children’s grandmother until she bled. The older woman was also struck by the beaver’s tail and was left needing hospital treatment, Nerikes Allehanda reports.

There have previously also been reports of a beaver attacking a child on the same stretch of water.

Not everybody is prepared for attacks of this kind, as beavers are generally regarded as being somewhat shy animals.

“But if you’re in the water and see a beaver you should watch out. In the water they see you as their enemy and will attack,” said Leif Linder, who is responsible for curbing the beaver population in the area.

Linder assured bathers that they would soon be able to breathe a sigh of relief: the entire beaver colony is to be wiped out. Four of the beavers in the area have already been shot.

“Then we also have to destroy the lodge. Otherwise there is a risk that other beavers will move in. We’re probably going to blow it up,” said Linder.