Arson attack at psychiatric clinic

Four years after the deaths of two patients in a major fire, a psychiatric clinic in Växjö has once again been the target of an arson attack.

Late on Wednesday night the fire alarm went off at the psychiatric ward of St. Sigfrid’s hospital, TV4 reports. But the blaze was soon put out by the hospital’s sprinkler system.

“The sprinkler kicked in and did the job. Somebody had set fire to some paper in one of the toilets, causing the fire alarm to go off,” Urban Pettersson, spokesman for emergency services, told news agency TT.

Police have not yet arrested any suspects in connection with the fire.

There were no injuries reported, and the clinic, recently rebuilt after the previous arson attack, escaped with just some minor water damage.

On August 1st 2003 a fire was started at the clinic, killing two young patients and injuring several others.

Women of all ages were being treated at the clinic at the time, including some with previous convictions for arson. One of these was the woman later found to have started the fire.