Social Democrats increase poll lead

The Social Democrats have greater voter support than all the governing parties put together, according to a new poll.

Mona Sahlin’s opposition party have the support of 44 percent of those polled in a new survey by Demoskop. Add in the Social Democrats’ allies in the Left and Green parties, and the opposition has a lead of 14.6 points over the four governing parties.

Put together, the governing parties have 41.4 percent of support, while the left-wing opposition parties have 45.5 percent.

The opposition’s lead is 3.2 percent up on last month’s Demoskop poll, and the Social Democrats’ figures are their best since December.

The Left Party, on 6.1 percent, has picked up significantly since June, when it hit a low of 3.6 percent.

Of the governing parties, the Centre and Christian Democrat parties have picked up somewhat, while Fredrik Reinfeldt’s Moderates have lost more support than any other party. They were favoured by 27 percent of those asked.

Results of Demoskop’s August poll:

Moderate party 27,0 (-2,2)

Liberal People’s Party 5,2 (-1,2)

Centre Party 5,6 (+0,1)

Christian Democrats 3,5 (+0,2)

Social Democrats 44,0 (+2,0)

Left Party 6,1 (+1,1)

Green Party 5,9 (+0,1)

Others 2,7 (+-0).