Man arrested for having big muscles

A well-built man was forced to take a drugs test in Stockholm recently after a police officer assumed that muscles like his could only have been developed with the help of illegal substances.

Man arrested for having big muscles

The female assistant police officer got into a conversation with Tomislav Boduljak and his friend late at night in central Stockholm.

According to Boduljak, 27, the police officer was pleasant at first, but changed her attitude when he said he worked out. Saying his muscles were ‘abnormal’, she said he must have used drugs.

“I asked if she didn’t think it possible that I work out a lot and eat well. She said that if someone looks like me, she assumes they have taken drugs,” he told Metro.

Despite Boduljak’s assurances that he didn’t use steroids, she forced him to go to the police station and give a urine test. In her report, the officer said he had “unusually large muscles, particularly large arm muscles, which are a sign of steroid use.”

The test was negative, and Boduljak made an official complaint against the police officer. Prosecutors looked into the case, but decided not to pursue it.

Janne Magnusson, an officer at Stockholm Police’s drugs unit, told Metro that he thought that the officer had been “a bit too ambitious”.