More foreigners work for Swedish state

The state is employing an increasing number of people with foreign backgrounds, according to new statistics.

Some 25,000 people, or 11 percent of those employed in the state sector last year were of foreign origin. This is the highest ever figure and an increase of four percent on the previous year, according to the Swedish Agency for Government Employers (Arbetsgivarverket).

Of those immigrants working in the state sector, 11.9 percent were women, while 10.3 percent were men.

Of those who were newly employed in the state sector in 2005-06, 16.6 percent had foreign backgrounds. This is also a record figure. The immigrant employees were concentrated mainly in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

In the university and research sectors, 18.4 percent of staff were either born outside Sweden or born in Sweden to two people who were born abroad. The state sector is still lagging behind the private sector: in the employment market as a while, 13.9 percent of workers have immigrant backgrounds, according to statistics from 2005.