Cocaine found in teacher’s fridge

A physical education teacher in Norrköping has been prosecuted after police found a large quantity of cocaine in his home.

Police raided the 37-year-old teacher’s apartment in June following suspicions that he was under the influence of drugs. Inside the apartment police found a cocaine with a reported street value of 100,000 kronor ($14,300).

A quick search of the man’s refrigerator revealed a bag of cocaine nestled behind a chicken. A second package was discovered in the freezer box

The teacher’s fingerprints were detected on each of the bags, Norrköpings Tidningar reports.

According to the teacher, the drugs could have been left there by two men with access to his apartment.

When questioned by police, however, he did concede that it would have been strange for the men to leave such valuable narcotics behind.

Police also found a video camera in the apartment, on which was stored a film of a person snorting white powder from a table.

The teacher explained that the film was a sort of joke and that the white powder was in fact some form of sweet substance.