Teenager planned to shoot girls

A 16-year-old hid a rifle and ammunition in his guitar case, which police say he planned to use to murder a number of teenage girls. When the boy's parents found the weapon they called the police.

The boy, from Falkenberg, 100 kilometres south of Gothenburg, was arrested a few weeks ago, along with a 15-year-old girl. The pair were suspected of conspiracy to murder. Their target was other youngsters.

The boy and girl were released into the care of social services, since when the boy has been in a secure unit at a clinic. According to newspaper Hallands-Nyheter, the boy has admitted planning to shoot several girls who had “breached his boundaries.”

Prosecutor Mats Forsén told Hallands-Nyheter that suspicions against the boy had strengthened during the police investigation, but that suspicions against the girl were no longer as strong. A decision on any potential prosecution is expected in a few weeks.