Support for government increases

Support for the government has increased in the August, according to a new poll, although the left-wing opposition still leads by nearly 8 percent.

The new poll from Sifo also shows the far-right Sweden Democrats increasing their support. The party scored 3.7 percent in the survey, meaning it needs only a small rise to take it over the 4 percent threshold that would gain it a seat in parliament.

The Sweden Democrats are strongest in southern Sweden. In the Malmö area, 11.5 percent of people say they would vote for the party if an election was held today. In the rest of Skåne and neigbouring Blekinge, the party is supported by 7.7 percent of voters.

Of the mainstream parties, the poll provided best news for the Christian Democrats, which had been under the 4 percent threshold in Sifo’s July poll. In the new survey, published by Göteborgs-Posten and Svenska Dagbladet, support for the party was at 5.3 percent. The rise of 1.5 percentage points was the only statistically significant change in August’s poll.

The opposition Social Democrat, Left and Green parties together had the support of 51.7 percent of those polled. The governing Moderate, Centre, Liberal and Christian Democratic parties together had the support of 43.9 percent. The opposition’s lead of 7.8 percent is down from 12.4 percent in Sifo’s July poll.

Sifo’s August poll:

Moderate Party 24.8 (-0.5)

Centre Party 7.1 (-)

Liberal Party 6.7 (+0.1)

Chr.Democrats 5.3 (+1.5)

Soc. Democrats 39.7 (-1.2)

Green Party 6.6 (-0.6)

Left Party 5.4 (+0.8)

Swe. Democrats 3.7 (+0.3)