Court escapee arrested entering Sweden

Court escapee arrested entering Sweden
A suspected drugs baron who was marched from the dock of a court in Västerås by two armed men last spring has been caught by police as he tried to enter Sweden.

Axel Jörgensen, 53, was arrested as he drove off a ferry in Helsingborg on Saturday.

“He was arrested at a routine customs check,” Västerås police spokesman Ulf Palm told The Local.

“It will be interesting to find out what he’s been up to,” he said.

Jörgensen became the subject of an international arrest warrant last May after he was taken by force from the hearing, at which he was charged with possessing 20 kilos of amphetamines.

The two men who took Jörgensen from the court wore masks, and one of them pointed an automatic weapon around the courtroom. The three men then made away in a BMW.

Police are still unsure whether Jörgensen was involved in the plot to take him from the court, or whether he was taken against his will. The two men involved in his escape have not been caught.

He was initially arrested for using false ID, and it was not until Sunday that police identified him.

The arrest was described as “undramatic”, Palm said.

It is so far unclear what will now happen to Jörgensen. He will not be taken to Västerås, Palm said. His threats to prison officers, prosecutors and judges, mean it would be inappropriate for him to return there.

Jörgensen is suspected by police of using forged documents as he tried to enter Sweden. It is so far unclear what further charges Jörgensen could face, apart from for the original drugs offences.