Indian fugitive wanted in Sweden

The main suspect in a top-level Indian Navy scandal is thought by Indian police to be hiding out in Sweden.

India’s Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) says it has access to technical surveillance suggesting that former naval officer Ravi Shankaran may be hiding out at an unknown location in the Scandinavian country.

Shankaran, 42, is suspected of masterminding the country’s high profile “war-room leak case”, the Times of India reports.

“Since Sweden is one of the 15 European countries – including Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Italy and Norway – which follows ‘unrestricted movement’ of visitors under Schengen agreement, Interpol-New Delhi wants its Swedish counterpart to keep a strict vigil so that the fugitive does not slip out of the country using liberal travel norms,” a senior CBI official told the newspaper.

A spokesman for Sweden’s International Police Cooperation Unit (Enheten för Internationellt Polissamarbete – IPO) told The Local that he “could not comment” on operational matters of this kind.

The CBI has pinpointed a total of nine people suspected of breaking the Official Secrets Act by “conspiring to trade off classified documents and information relating to the defence ministry, the disclosure of which is likely to affect the country’s sovereignty and integrity”.

Sensitive defence information was reportedly leaked by Shankaran and his co-conspirers to an international arms cartel.

The CBI has expressed fears that the fugitive’s life may be in danger, the Times of India reports.

Worried that his arrest could lead to further unwelcome revelations about their activities, the international cartel may now turn on Shankaran, despite allegedly having provided him with shelter during his period in exile.