Reinfeldt still most popular

Swedes' support for Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt remains strong, according to a new poll. 47 percent of voters asked for a new poll say that Reinfeldt is the best person to lead the country. Only 34 percent supported Social Democrat leader Mona Sahlin.

Reinfeldt still most popular

The poll was commissioned from Sifo by PR agency Westander. Pollsters interviewed 1,000 voters.

“Fifteen percent of those who say that they vote for the left-wing parties have greater faith in Reinfeldt, while 7 percent of right-wing voters have greater faith in Sahlin,” Westander wrote in a statement on Monday.

Reinfeldt’s personal popularity contrasts with support for the government as a whole. The four-party Alliance has been trailing in opinion polls for months, with latest surveys putting them nearly eight points behind the opposition.

Sifo asked voters: “For whom do you have greater confidence as Prime Minister – Fredrik Reinfeldt or Mona Sahlin?”