Publishers’ Association announces lockout

The Swedish Newspaper Publishers' Association (Tidningsutgivarna - TU) has announced a lock-out of some 4,000 journalists. The move comes three days after the launch of industrial action by the Swedish Union of Journalists' (Svenska Journalistförbundet - SJF) on Friday.

TU’s lock-out is aimed at journalists working at those newspapers targeted by SJF’s overtime ban. The affected journalists are to be locked out of their workplaces on their days off, which – since they are paid the same daily rate regardless of whether they work or not – will result in a considerably smaller wage package at the end of the month.

“We have just have one aim, which is to get the Swedish Union of Journalists to retract their conflict measures and contribute to the establishment of realistic conditions in which the mediators can reopen contract negotiations,” said TU chairman Pär Fagerström in a statement.

The lock-out is scheduled to begin at midnight on August 30th. It will not affect journalists who are on holiday, on a leave of absence, or on sick leave.

“When on Friday the Swedish Union of Journalists first turned down the mediators’ final offer, then immediately began a partial strike, they also assumed responsibility for the situation that has arisen,” said Fagerström.