First bear killed in hunting season

The first bear has been killed in Sweden's bear hunting season, which got underway on Tuesday morning.

The bear, a small male weighing 45 kilos, was shot 30km from Sorsele, in Lappland, northern Sweden at 7:30 am, according to the Västerbotten Folkblad newspaper.

A rising bear population in Sweden has led to raised hunting quotas this year. There are estimated to be over 2,550 bears in the country, of which hunters are allowed to shoot 184 between now and the end of the season on October 15th.

The Swedish Association for Hunting and Wildlife Management says that interest for bear hunting has increased this year.

“The Swedish bear population has grown by five percent since 1998,” said Bertil Bäckström, hunting advisor for the association.

Bears are being hunted in counties in northern and central Sweden. Norrboten, Västerbotten, Västernorrland, Jämtland, Gävleborg, Dalarna and Värmland are all the scene of hunts.