Moustache men hope to follow Abba to victory

Sweden could soon have some new world champions in an unconventional but hotly contested competition: the World Beard and Moustache Championships.

Moustache men hope to follow Abba to victory

The Swedish team of four will be hoping to beat off tough competition from the Germans at the event, which takes place in Brighton, England, next Saturday.

“It’s being held at the Brighton Centre, which is where Abba won the Eurovision Song Contest with Waterloo, so we’re hoping it will bring us good luck,” said Dan Sederowsky, one of the Swedish competitors.

Sederowsky, from Kungsör, has had his moustache since 1985. It now measures 70-80 centimetres from end to end.

“I competed for the first time in 1997 with a Dali moustache, but now I’m in the Partial Beard category,” he told The Local.

Growing his moustache is “fun”, he said, but also works as his trademark in his car refurbishment business.

“I could never shave it off now,” he said.

Pre-competition training will take place when the team arrives in England next week. The location: a Brighton pub.

“Vitamin B is great for hair growth, and British beer is a very good source,” Sederowsky said.

Otherwise, the Swedish team isn’t planning any fancy styling.

“I need to use a bit of wax and I will shave a bit more carefully on the day, but when I’m competing I like to look like I normally do.”

The Germans, however, are a bit more fastidious, and can spend a long time styling their facial hair ahead of the championships.

“It does give them an advantage,” Sederowsky admitted.