‘He raised his weapon and shot at me’

The trial continued on Thursday of a 55-year-old man suspected of killing police officer Fredrik Widén in Nyköping in June. The accused denies the charges of murder and attempted murder.

The police officer, who was 32, was shot as he attempted to detain the man in central Nyköping, 100 kilometres south of Stockholm. Police were enforcing an order from mental health authorities to section the 55-year-old.

One of the policemen sent to arrest the suspect was Per-Erik Eriksson, who claims to also have been targeted by the man.

“He raised his weapon and shot at me,” he said.

Eriksson described to the courtroom the confusion he felt as events unfolded. First he thought the 55-year-old was a colleague. Realizing he wasn’t, he thought the weapon was an airgun.

“My world was turned upside down for a microsecond when I was hit,” he said.

The police officer says that the suspect took three shots at him. He missed with one of the shots, but the others struck the officer in the head and arm.

It is for this alleged attack that the suspect has been charged with attempted murder.

The 55-year-old’s lawyer, Peter Althin, said that his client had been carrying the weapon with the intention of committing suicide. He has denied the charges of murder and attempted murder.