Greens call for professional army

The Green Party has called for Sweden to replace its conscript army with a professional force. Writing in Friday's Dagens Nyhter, party spokesman Peter Eriksson called for an army consisting of 6,000 professional soldiers and 3,000 officers (rather than today's 11,000).

In a forthcoming budget proposal, the party will also suggest reorganizing the armed forces into six army battalions, two air force fleets and a marine base. The primary task of the military should be to engage in international operations, with 2000 men and women being made available to participate in international peace-keeping missions at any given time.

The Green Party predicts that a slimmed down army would cost 12 billion kronor less than today’s 40 billion kronor ($5.7 billion).

The country’s submarine fleet should be taken out of service, says the party, while the air force needs to be slimmed down, especially the “ridiculously bloated JAS fleet”.