Necrophiliac gets life sentence for murder

A 30-year-old man from Karlskoga, who murdered a 29-year-old woman and had sex with her dead body, has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

The man has confessed to the crimes, which took place in the central Swedish town in May.

The court also ordered the man to pay 75,000 kronor in damages to the victim’s husband and children, SVT reports.

“We are not going to go into how the woman was killed but it supposedly happened after some form of argument,” police spokesman Robert Haslinge said at the time.

“The two had known each other for a while but we are not going to say anything about the kind of relationship they had,” he added.

Having killed the woman, the 30-year-old went to the police station and rang the doorbell.

“He’d had a think about what he should do and decided it was best to turn himself in,” said Haslinger.

He told police that he had killed the woman and that her body remained in his apartment.

According to court documents, the man strangled the woman to death using his bare hands and a belt, Nya Wermlands-Tidningen reports.

He then cut a hole in the dead woman’s tights and performed sexual intercourse on her dead body.