A quickie with… Grantly Marshall

This Friday and Saturday, the American Drama Group Europe (ADGE) will be performing William Shakespeare’s 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream' at Drottningholms Slottspark Teatern in Stockholm. Producer Grantly Marshall talks to The Local about touring the castles of Europe and coming to Sweden.

Tell us a little bit about the tour. Why European castles?

We have been doing a castle tour every year for fifteen years now. We want to exemplify the importance of European castles, not least because castle culture in general has been pushed into the background a little bit.

How long has the American Drama Group been around?

The group was started in Germany in 1979 and was originally connected to the Univerity of Munich. It has since become more and more professional. Our actors come from the highly respected TNT theatre group in London.

How do you think you are received in countries that don’t have English as a first language?

I think it’s mostly dependent on the quality of the play. In Sweden there are no problems – the level of English is very good and there is also a high interest in theatre.

Have you performed at Drottningholm before?

We first played at Drottningholm in 1999 and we’ve been back every year since. We love playing there. It’s very well kept and very beautiful.

Do you anticipate playing in front of a big crowd?

We are expecting an audience of at least 500 on Friday night. But there is still plenty of room for more people both nights.

Date: August 31st and September 1st

Time: 6pm

Venue: Drottningholms Slottspark Teatern

Tickets: Ticnet, Tel. 077-1707070; Stockholm Tourist Centre – Sweden House, Kungssträdgården, Stockholm, Tel. 08-50828508