Bear chases woman on bicycle

Inga Åkerström from Boltjärn in northern Sweden found herself pedalling for her life on Monday when she was chased by a bear while out cycling.

Bear chases woman on bicycle
Photo: Håkan Vargas S. / Swedish Travel & Tourism Council

“I was on an upward slope when I saw something at the side of the road and began to wonder what it was. Then it raised its head and I saw that it was a bear,” she told Dagbladet i Sundsvall.

After she had turned around and begun cycling back down the hill, she observed the bear coming towards her at top speed.

Fortunately for Åkerström, she soon came upon her husband who was out walking the dog. Seeing that the object of its attentions now had company, the bear turned on its paws and fled back into the woods.

“God, it was awful. I hope I never have to go through anything like that again,” said Åkerström.