‘Viagra peddler’ goes on trial

A man from Gothenburg has gone on trial for selling impotence medicine Viagra over the internet.

The man made millions of kronor from selling the drug to an international clientele. His website was translated into sixteen languages.

The man claimed that the pills were original, made by pharmaceutical company Pfizer. The company itself says the pills were not genuine, and carried out a detailed investigation, which was then handed to the police, Göteborgs-Posten reports.

Pfizer bought Viagra from the site to test them, and found that they were fake. According to prosecutors the man’s business had a turnover of more than two million kronor, making a profit of one million.

The man has admitted selling the pills, but denies the charges against him. Breaking Sweden’s pharmaceutical laws can bring sentences of two years’ imprisonment. Prosecutors are also charging him under smuggling laws, which can carry sentences of up to six years.