Dogs search for Swedish mass graves

Police dogs have been recruited to solve a mystery that has puzzled historians in Sweden for two hundred years: how did the bodies of four hundred soldiers killed in battle in northern Sweden just disappear.

Archaeologists suspect that soldiers killed in the 1809 Battle of Sävar between Sweden and Russia must be buried in mass graves near Umeå, but so far no such graves have been found.

“It’s a mystery. What did they do with all the bodies,” asked archaeologist Johan Linderholm, speaking to Västerbottens-Kuriren.

It is so far unclear whether the dogs will be able to detect remains that have been undisturbed for two hundred years, according to police dog handler Jürgen Clöve:

“When we were asked whether we wanted to come here and search we said we would have a go. We would really like to know what the dogs can do.”