The Linköping marriages that weren’t

The Linköping marriages that weren't
Photo: Manassas Cakery
Five couples in Linköping entered the dreamy world of matrimonial bliss earlier this year - or so they thought. But they had a rude awakening this week as it emerged that the registrar had no formal licence and that their marriages are not valid.

“I was completely shocked. I thought there was a hidden camera,” said Tan Hanh Dang, one of the non-husbands, to Östgöta Correspondenten.

At the end of March Linköping council proposed a Ann Svensson, a local politician, as a wedding registrar. But the papers never reached the county administrative board, which has the final say in the matter. The mistake was spotted in August.

Now the couples affected find themselves with an unexpected get-out-of-jail card – or, if they still wish to be married, two options: a new wedding or an appeal to the government to retrospectively authorise the previous ceremony.

According to Östgöta Correspondenten, at least two of the couples are planning a new wedding. One couple has already split up and could not be contacted.

And for old times’ sake the couples who do choose to have another ceremony could turn once again to Ann Svensson – she has now been given her formal licence by the county board.