Axe-wielding mother invades school playground

A woman turned up to a school in Sweden on Monday armed with an axe and a crowbar, reportedly to defend her bullied son.

The woman arrived Osbeck Gymnasium School in Laholm, southern Sweden at lunchtime on Monday, following a call from her son. He had been subjected to taunts by some of his classmates. Exactly what caused the argument is not yet clear.

By the time police arrived at the scene the mother had disappeared. Police have later caught up with the mother and interviewed her and a number of the pupils.

“This was of course an unsettling incident for us, particularly as somebody went so far as to bring a crowbar and an axe,” headmaster Bernt Karlsson told Dagens Nyheter.

Police say the mother and the pupils started arguing outside the school gates. The atmosphere was “threatening”, according to reports.

Nobody was injured in the incident, and nobody has been arrested, police say.