Social Democrat betting company criticizes monopoly

The Social Democrats' own betting company, A-lotterierna, has accused the gambling monopoly and state-owned betting companies of squeezing non-governmental organizations (NGOs) out of the market.

Company chief Håkan Bystedt has called for better conditions for non-governmental organizations active on the gambling market. NGOs should be allowed to run the same internet gambling operations as other companies, he told Sveriges Radio.

The NGOs’ share of the Swedish gambling market is shrinking rapidly, currently accounting for some 10 percent of the total. While Bystedt is critical of state-owned Svenska Spel, he also expressed disappointment at the former government’s “wait and see” approach.

“Nothing ever became of the promises made at the beginning of the 2000s to improve the situation for non-governmental organizations,” Bystedt told Sveriges Radio.

He also added that he sees little chnce of an imporvement under the current government.

A-lotterierna brings in annual revenues of around 110 million kronor for its owners, the Social Democratic Party and the party’s youth wing SSU.