Minister baffled by double wedding

A church minister in a village near Kalmar in southern Sweden struggled to cope when two sisters arrived at the altar with immediate plans to wed men named Mattias.

The couples’ joy at tying the knot soon turned to confusion as the minister turned to the wrong groom during the first of the ceremonies.

And when the clergyman finally did find the right Mattias, he tried to pair him up with the wrong sister.

As the time approached to exchange vows, confidence in the cleric had reached a low ebb. But having made such an inauspicious start, the cleric amazed everybody by taking the performance down yet another notch.

Local newspaper Östra Småland was in place to record the dialogue when the minister forgot to ask one of the Mattiases if he wanted to take one of the sisters for his lawful wedded wife.

“Have you not been asked yet?” the priest wondered.

“No,” said the forgotten groom.

Dismayed by the unfolding events, the church council subsequently reported the unorthodox ceremony to the local chapter, but the cleric escaped without an official admonition.

While conceding that the ceremony had not gone exactly according to plan, the minister said he hadn’t intended to offend anybody and that the sisters and Mattiases seemed happy enough despite all that had gone wrong on their big day.