Swedish terror suspect’s future uncertain

The future of a Swedish terror suspect being held in Prague still hangs in the balance, nearly two years after he was arrested. The Czech justice minister is currently considering an application from the United States for Oussama Kassir to be extradited there to face trial.

The Ministry of Justice in Prague was on Wednesday unable to say when Justice Minister Jiri Pospisil would reach a decision. The Swedish Embassy says it understands that Kassir’s fate will be decided after Pospisil has consulted with the country’s Supreme Court.

A Czech court approved the extradition of Kassir, 41, back in April. His Czech lawyer appealed the decision, but an appeal court in Prague rejected the appeal, paving the way for him to be handed over to American custody.

Kassir, a Swedish citizen of Lebanese origin, is suspected of involvement in establishing a terrorist training camp in Bly, Oregon. The US put out a warrant for his arrest via Interpol, and he was arrested Prague Airport in December 2005, as he was transiting during a trip between Stockholm and Beirut.

The Czech courts have ruled that extraditing Kassir would not break the country’s bilateral extradition agreement with the United States. The justice minister can only block the extradition on humanitarian grounds.