High speed car chase leaves two dead

Two men were killed on Thursday when they crashed into a tree after a high speed car chase in southern Sweden.

Earlier in the day the two men were detected breaking into a house in Ingebo. Having threatened the home owner with a crow bar, the men left the scene in a car with stolen registration plates.

Police spent all of Thursday tracking the thieves. A helicopter was called in to aid in the search and during the afternoon a police car took up the chase.

“But the police officers soon made contact to say that they had called off the chase because it was going too fast,” said police spokesman Sven-Erik Karlsson.

By the time the thieves swerved off the road after three outrageous overtaking maneuvers, they had left the police car far behind.

A witness at the scene said that the car was completely mangled after the crash, which took place eight kilometres south of Vimmerby.