Football clubs gain access to security footage

Football clubs in the Stockholm region are to be given permission to root out troublesome supporter through the use of surveillance cameras, Dagens Nyhetrer reports.

Djurgården and AIK both signed agreements on Thursday allowing them to keep a closer eye on their fans. Representatives for Hammarby are expected to follow suit next week.

Until now only the police have been authorized to analyze footage captured inside the grounds.

The clubs see the move as a major breakthrough in the battle to crack down on hooliganism.

For the last two years, the clubs have had the possibility to ban known troublemakers from entering their grounds. They view the latest move as a major step towards indentifying the remaining problem areas.

“We have had very few problems this year, which is great. The fans know that we are serious when we say that anyone who doesn’t behave will be banned,” Djurgården chairman Bosse Lundquist told Dagens Nyheter.