Opposition retains poll advantage

The Social Democrats, Left Party and Greens continue to attract more potential voters than the ruling four-party Alliance.

In the latest Demoskop poll, published by Expressen, the opposition, with 53.3 percent, has a comfortable lead over the centre-right parties, who enjoyed the support of just 42.4 percent of the 1,004 people polled.

For the Social Democrats however the results represents a drop of 2.4 percentage points from the previous month.

The Left Party also sees a drop in support and at 4.5 percent is perilously close to falling under the 4 percent required for a place in parliament.

The best performer among the governing parties is the Liberal Party, up 2.4 percentage points on its August result.

The survey was carried out from August 30th to September 5th. None of the changes in September’s poll are statistically significant.

Demoskop’s September poll

Moderate Party 25.8 (-1.2)

Centre Party 5.6 (-)

Liberal Party 7.6 (+2.4)

Chr. Democrats 5.3 (-)

Soc. Democrats 41.3 (-2.7)

Green Party 7.5 (+1.6)

Left Party 4.5 (-1.6)