Man buys car for five kronor and a potted plant

A 66-year-old man from Tranemo in western Sweden faces criminal charges after convincing a 90-year-old woman to sell him a used Volvo for a paltry five kronor ($0.72).

Man buys car for five kronor and a potted plant
Photo: Riksbanken

According to prosecutor Stefan Johansson, the car was valued at between 5,000 and 8,000 kronor.

“He has been charged because the price of the car was much too low. The seller was a 90-year-old lady who doesn’t know much about cars. It feels like she has been cheated in some way,” he told The Local.

The prosecutor said that the woman remained in possession of all her mental faculties.

“But as an old woman she is not able to defend herself against a very obstinate man,” said Johansson.

The woman later described the transaction to an acquaintance, who reported the matter to the authorities.

The suspect bought the car in December of last year after a long period of deliberation, Borås Tidning reports.

Displaying a receipt for five kronor as evidence, the 66-year-old claims that the deal was legitimate. Not only did he pay the woman in cash, he said, he also splashed out on a potted amaryllis.