Sweden plans crackdown on sports hooligans

Sweden plans to crack down on hooliganism in football and other sports, the country's justice and sports ministers wrote in an article in newspaper Dagens Nyheter on Saturday.

The government plans to appoint a special investigator to make a series of proposals in 2008, including giving police and prosecutors the right to independently ban troublemakers from sports arenas, Justice Minister Beatrice Ask and Sports Minister Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth wrote.

Under current laws, prosecutors can only bar a person from a venue if a sporting club has requested a ban.

The ministers also said sporting clubs ought to be quicker to suspend supporters who violate public order regulations, and called for better controls at arena entrances to check fans and what they are bringing into the stadium.

The ministers also want sporting clubs to “examine the possibility of seeking civil damages from people whose actions hurt organisers.”