Sweden expands research budget by 300m kronor

Sweden is to commit an extra 300 million kronor (44.2 million dollars) to research in the autumn budget, according to minister for higher education and research Lars Leijonborg .

If parliament approves the move, a total of 2 billion kronor will be earmarked for research in the budget. The money will be distributed according to the priorities established by the Swedish Research Council.

“Previously the money has been dished out among all the research universities. But I believe that the research community is better placed to judge the quality of the research and where state money will be best used,” said Leijonborg.

“That’s why we are incorporating the Swedish Research Council’s priorities when it comes to distribution,” the minister told Göteborgs-Posten.

In that respect, noted Leijonborg, 2008’s approach will be treated as a trial period.