Reinfeldt presents new trade minister

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt presented fellow Moderate Party member Ewa Björling as the government's new Minister for Trade early on Thursday afternoon.

Reinfeldt presents new trade minister

Ewa Björling was born in 1961 and has been a member of parliament since 2002. She is a member of the Riksdag’s foreign affairs committee and a board member of aid agency SIDA.

She is also a lecturer in virology and a qualified medical doctor.

“I am happy and proud to have been asked. But it was important to give it good consideration before answering as it means a further step out and into the public sphere and I do have a family to think of,” she said.

After three ministerial resignations in one year, Reinfeldt wasted no time airing the skeletons in the new minister’s closet.

The new trade minister was fined 2,800 kronor during the summer when she was caught driving at a speed of 68 kilometres per hour on a 50 km/h stretch.

Björling owns a pink Porsche 911 and likes tinkering with cars, according to the prime minister.

Reinfeldt also pointed out that she was ordered to pay a fine of 9,172 kronor when she illegally dumped mounds of earth outside a house she was building on the island of Ekerö outside Stockholm.

The prime minister also revealed that the minister had at one time paid for services on the black market, though he did not specify the type of services involved.

The trade minister post became vacant last week when previous incumbent Sten Tolgfors took over as defence minister following Mikael Odenberg’s shock resignation over proposed defence cuts.