Jacuzzi battle bubbles to the surface

An unusual feud has soured relations between two neighbours in Norrtälje as a woman battles for the right to retain her outdoor jacuzzi.

Ever since the 51-year-old woman bought the hot tub last year, her journalist neighbour has complained about the noise of the motor. The 62-year-old jazz journalist has a writer’s den close to her garden and has been finding it impossible to work.

The journalist has primarily struggled to understand why his neighbour needs to have the jacuzzi turned on all year round and for more than ten minutes every hour, Norrtelje Tidning reports.

She in turn has tried to explain to him that she has just been following the instructions in the manual.

With no resolution forthcoming, the case landed on the desk of Katariina Parker, an inspector at the local council’s environment administration.

“He thinks it’s awfully noisy, as he can’t live and work as he wants to.

“We were contacted by the woman during the summer. She wanted our opinion about this issue,” Parker told The Local.

After she began receiving complaints from her neighbour, the woman repositioned and insulated her jacuzzi. She also brought in experts to measure the decibel levels emanating from her tub, which proved to be below the recommended maximum.

“We were out at the two houses last week to make observations in the field,” said Parker.

The inspectors found that the noise from the hot tub could just about be heard from inside the writer’s den and that it consisted of two main sounds – a “bubble sound” and a “motor sound”.

“I wrote in my recommendation that I didn’t think it was an inconvenience at that particular time,” said Parker.

She added however that the houses were located in a quiet area and that background noise could conceivably be regarded as a disturbance depending on the time of day and year.

With this in mind, the woman is advised to look further into the possibility of reducing the noise level or turning the jacuzzi off when it is not in use.

The executive committee of the environmental board will submit its recommendation on the matter on September 27th, before the environmental board makes a decision on October 18th.