Bandit mums face robbery charges

Three women in their thirties are facing prosecution in connection with a cash transport robbery worth 2.7 million kronor ($400,000), Expressen reports.

On April 11th this year, a 30-year-old woman employed by Panaxia Security picked up a consignment of cash in a secure transport vehicle in a south Stockholm suburb.

While driving the van to its destination, the security guard hit the alarm button. When police arrived, they found the divorced mother of one in a state of some distress.

She told officers that a dark-skinned man had tied her up and locked her inside the vehicle before making off with the cash.

But the police were not entirely convinced by her story and a subsequent investigation soon led them to suspect the involvement of a 33-year-old woman. According to Expressen, the two women were very close friends.

The two main suspects were arrested after police found 700,000 kronor in a shoe box in the 33-year-old’s home.

A search of the 30-year-old’s home led to the discovery of a sheaf of thousand kronor notes stuffed inside a sugar jar hidden behind her daughter’s cuddly toys.

The women have denied the charges against them but a third woman, a 35-year-old mother of four from Värmland, has admitted to receiving 40,000 kronor from the 33-year-old. She told police that she had been asked to lodge the money to a Jamaican bank account.

The remainder of the haul, almost two million kronor, remains unaccounted for.

“I have no idea where the rest of the loot might be,” prosecutor Jakob Holmberg told Expressen.

In addition to the women, police suspect that there may be an “uncle” still on the loose. This was the name given to a person with whom the women were in contact at the time of the robbery and whose name was recovered from their mobile phones.