Stockholm Transport to raise ticket prices

The cost of a monthly travel card in Stockholm may soon be increased by 70 kronor.

The city’s ruling centre-right coalition has said that the income generated will be used to finance the largest expansion in the history of Stockholm Transport (SL).

The projected price hike is part of the local council’s proposed budget for next year. If the budget is accepted, the popular 30-day cards will cost 690 kronor in 2008, with all other ticket types also seeing an increase.

The opposition Social Democrats have reacted angrily to the proposal.

“How do the Moderates expect more people to leave their cars parked if they keep raising the prices?” said county councillor Lars Dahlberg in a statememt.

According to SL chairman Christer G Wennerholm, the company is set to pump 1.1 billion kronor into the public transport system next year. The higher prices paid by passengers will finance 200 million kronor of the planned investment, he said.

Some 300 million kronor will be used to fund the continued use of extra trains and buses introduced to coincide with the launch of congestion charges for motorists. The investment will also be used to ensure that commuter trains and trams run with greater frequency during the summer months.

SL also aims to offer guaranteed seating on all buses that drive at speeds of more than 70 kilometres per hour.