Moderates hit post-election low in polls

Fredrik Reinfeldt's Moderate Party has reached its lowest ebb since the election, according to an opinion poll released on Sunday. Pollster Sifo shows the governing Alliance trailing the opposition by some 11.4 percentage points.

Moderates hit post-election low in polls

Unlike in August, however, none of the changes are statistically significant.

“But compared to the election result a year ago it represents a slump for the Moderates,” Sifo’s Toivo Sjörén told Svenska Dagbladet.

The gap between the two blocs has widened since August, when the opposition saw its lead pegged back to 7.8 percentage points.

The results are based on 1,887 interviews carried out by Sifo in the period September 3rd-13th.

Sifo’s September poll

Moderate Party 23.0 (-1.8)

Liberal Party 7.8 (+1.1)

Centre Party 6.3 (-0.8)

Chr. Democrats 4.8 (-0.5)

Soc. Democrats 42.7 (+3.0)

Green Party 5.9 (-0.7)

Left Party 4.7 (-0.7)