Government presents election promises ‘white paper’

Exactly one year on from its election victory, the government has presented a white paper outlining the current status of its election promises.

The four-party Alliance claims to have delivered on 56 of its 193 promises. A further 120 are reported to be in the pipeline via official proposals or forthcoming reports.

The final 17 promises have yet to see any signs of fulfillment. These include plans make private donations to charity and research tax deductible and to abolish Sweden’s temporary austerity tax.

“Not everything can be implemented at once, of course. Nevertheless, the Alliance government has done more than most people could have hoped or believed,” wrote party leaders Fredrik Reinfeldt, Maud Olofsson, Jan Björklund and Göran Hägglund.

As an example of its policies in action, the government mentioned that the average hospital orderly earns 700-750 kronor more after tax than at the same time last year. The four leaders also noted that the tax burden has dropped from 49.8 percent to 47.7 percent of gross national product.

“This is the lowest tax levy since the mid-1980s,” according to the Alliance.

Various initiatives introduced to reduce unemployment have reduced social exclusion figures by 130,000 over the course of a year, the leaders claimed.