Bromma Airport gets 30 year life extension

Stockholm's most central airport has just been given 30 more years to live. The City of Stockholm and the civil aviation authority (Luftfartsvket - LFV) signed an agreement on Friday extending the contract that for Bromma Airport to 2038. The current contract had been due to expire in 2011.

The issue of whether or not to preserve the airport has divided the city’s politicians.

The Social Democrats had called for the airport to be closed down and replaced with residential housing.

The opposition party was particularly critical of a clause in the contract that prevents them from overturning the decision should they return to power.

But with Friday’s deal, the governing centre-right alliance has fulfilled its promise to keep the airport operational.

Mayor Kristina Axén Olin said that Stockholm would need to retain Bromma alongside the larger Arlanda Airport if it was to was to expand in the future. City planners anticipate that Stockholm’s population will grow by one million inhabitants over the next 30 years.

The deal is expected to contribute 4 million kronor ($600,000) to the city’s coffers. Bromma Airport was used by a total of 1.6 million passengers last year.

Friday’s move also means that Stockholm will go ahead with plans to tackle noise pollution in the area around the airport. Currently only relatively quiet and low emission planes are permitted to use the facility, which serves a total of 13 destinations.