Volvo Trucks suffers sales fall

Volvo Trucks saw deliveries fall in the first eight months of the year, with a downturn in North American sales cancelling out improvements in almost every other market.

The company sold 135,781 trucks between January and August, four percent down on the same period last year.

Figures for Volvo’s Nissan Diesel subsidiary, which only reported for the April-August period, were down 16 percent on the same period last year. The Japanese company sold 119,109 vehicles in the five month period.

Volvo sells trucks under the Volvo, Mack, Nissan Diesel and Renault Trucks brands.

Combined sales in North America were down 59 percent and in Western Europe by 4 percent. Sales in other markets saw increases – 158 percent in Asia and 54 percent in Eastern Europe.

The fall in North America was explained partly by the introduction of more stringent emissions rules in January this year. Many companies had timed brought forward purchases to come in ahead of the rule changes. The effects of weakness in the US house market was also put forward as an explanation, as were transitional problems at the Volvo Trucks factory in New River Valley, Virginia.