Persson profits from retirement

Former Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson has been receiving a full ex-prime minister's salary, despite having a number of jobs in the private sector, it has been reported.

Persson profits from retirement

As former prime minister, Persson is entitled to 121,000 kronor a month in ‘redundancy pay’ from parliament. However, this sum is supposed to be reduced if he has other sources of income. Persson is circumventing this rule by putting the money he earns into a company and not taking out a salary.

“According to the rules, salary should be subtracted from the redundancy pay. But I don’t have a salary. I have a company in which I work as a consultant,” Persson told Dagens Nyheter.

Persson has worked as a consultant for JKL Public Relations since August. Last week he spoke at a conference in Norway and earlier in the summer he appeared at a seminar at the Swedish political week in Almedalen. The money he gets for this undertakings cannot be regarded as an income, Persson says.

Persson’s income from the state is set to fall dramatically next month. On October 6th, the anniversary of his government leaving power, Persson will be entitled only to an ex-ministerial pension of 55,770 kronor per month. He says he does not plan to draw the pension, as income from his other work will have increased.