Opposition enjoys massive poll lead

Opposition enjoys massive poll lead
Photo: Magnus Selander
The opposition has established a lead of 19 percentage points over the governing Alliance, according to Scandinavian pollster Sentio Research.

The Social Democrats, Greens and Left Party enjoyed the combined support of 56.6 percent of voters, compared to 37.7 percent for the four-party centre-right coalition, Dagens Nyheter reports.

The newspaper points out that the poll was taken in the midst of a heated debate about the government’s autumn budget and its proposed property tax reforms.

The Social Democrats were the party of choice for 45 percent of voters, with a further 11.6 percent shared almost equally among the Greens and the Left Party.

With Jan Björklund taking over as Liberal leader, the party climbed from 5.9 to 7.4 percent since previous month.

But the poll made for gloomier reading for the rest of the government, with the Christian Democrats having particular cause for concern as they slipped below the four percent necessary to retain a place in parliament.

The results are based on 1,914 interviews carried out by Sentio Research in the period September 18th-23rd.

Sentio’s September poll

Moderate Party 21.4 (-1.3)

Liberal Party 7.4 (+1.5)

Centre Party 5.2 (-0.9)

Chr. Democrats 3.6 (-0.9)

Soc. Democrats 45.0 (+0.9)

Green Party 5.7 (-0.1)

Left Party 5.9 (+0.2)