Sweden could send troops to Chad

Sweden is planning to send 200 troops to Chad to protect refugees from Darfur, defence minister Sten Tolgfors has said.

The troops would go to the central African country as part of an EU force, which on Tuesday was give a mandate by the UN Security Council.

Sweden is “investigating the possibilities” of sending a force, defence minister Sten Tolgfors told Svenska Dagbladet.

“A discussion about the international mission and its form is currently underway,” he said.

Many parts of Chad are struggling with large numbers of refugees from the Darfur region of neighbouring Sudan, with an estimated 400,000 refugees there. The purpose of the EU force is to stabilize the border areas.

The total EU force is expected to number 3,000-4,000. Svenska Dagbladet quotes sources saying that a maximum of 200 Swedish troops will take part, at a cost of no more than 375 million kronor. They are expected to come from elite regiments, such as the International Amphibious Force.