Homeless ‘tidied away’ for king’s visit

Homeless people in Malmö are complaining that they are being 'tidied away' so as not to blight a visit by King Carl Gustaf on Saturday.

Homeless 'tidied away' for king's visit
Photo: Richard Ryan, Stockholm Visitors Board

The monarch will be unveiling a monument to Swedish Red Cross workers who saved prisoners from Nazi concentration camps in the Second World War. The only problem: the monument’s location on Värnhemstorget a favourite haunt of homeless people and street drinkers.

“They’re just going to have to sit somewhere else,” said police spokesman Lars Karsten to local newspaper Kvällsposten, adding that the homeless were being moved “for security reasons.”

The regular homeless inhabitants of the square say they object to the decision to clear them away. ‘Peter’ told Kvällsposten: “This is our square. We always sit on these benches. Why can’t they just seal it off round the monument.”

But, Peter added, it was unlikely that any of the drinkers would have been on their benches when the king arrived on Saturday at 10am.

“At that time we’d be off lining up at [alcohol store] Systembolaget, in any case,” he said.