SAS to return Dash planes to service

Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) says that it expects to begin flying its beleaguered Dash 8-Q400 planes from Thursday of next week.

SAS to return Dash planes to service

“We reckon we’ll be able to carry out test flights within the next few days,” said Bertil Ternert, head of information at SAS.

“I daren’t say when all the Dash planes will be in the air again,” he added.

In recent days, technical staff at SAS have worked around the clock to get hold of spare parts for the 27 Dash aircraft operated by the company. After a series of accidents involving the planes, hydraulic parts and springs in the landing gear have been replaced.

The grounding of the planes in the last couple of weeks has cost SAS 200 million kronor.

In deciding to begin test flights with the Dash aircraft, SAS pre-empted the findings of an inquiry in Vilnius, the scene of one of the accidents.