Man fined for filming up women’s skirts

Man fined for filming up women's skirts
Photo: Alaskan Dude
A 28-year-old man has been found guilty of sexual harassment after filming up women's skirts in Uppsala.

The man, who comes from northern Sweden, was visiting the city for work in June. Using a video camera hidden in a bag, he filmed around 20 women by placing the bag under their skirts.

In court, the man admitted to filming the women but he denied that he did it so that he could watch the films. Instead, he argued that the filming challenge itself was exciting. Nevertheless, reported Upsala Nya Tidningen, he conceded that he had been ‘an idiot’.

According to Expressen, the man’s excitment was curtailed when he was spotted by a security guard filming up a woman’s skirt in a queue for ice cream.

The man was fined for sexual harassment and was ordered by the court to pay 5,000 kronor in compensation to one of the women. Most of the women in the films were not identifiable.