Men charged over million kronor poker tournament

Six men have been formally charged under Swedish gambling laws after they organized an illegal million-kronor poker tournament involving 700 people.

“This is one of the largest cases of its kind,” said prosecutor Linn Scholander.

The men are to go on trial in Uddevalla, 80km north of Gothenburg, after police busted their poker tournament in March.

Each of the participants paid €250 to join the tournament. The organizers pocketed €30, while the rest of the money went into the prize pot. Prosecutors say that the competition was arranged in conjunction with a gaming company, and took place in a conference centre in the town of Grebbestad.

The maximum prize money at the event was €50,000. Two of those charged work for the gaming company; another two are locally-based organizers.

Two people are being charged for renting out the room at the conference centre: Swedish law considers people who provide premises for gambling to be as culpable as those who arrange illegal tournaments.

All six people involved deny the charges against them. The trail is due to begin in November.