Top government aide quits

A top Swedish government advisor has quit her job over her links to crisis-hit investment bank Carnegie.

Karin Forseke is the former CEO of Carnegie, which last week faced heavy criticism from the Swedish financial services authority (Finansinspektionen- FI), and was fined 50 million kronor after three employees were found to have exaggerated their trading gains.

Forseke has been advising Financial Markets Minister Mats Odell on the sale of state-owned companies such as Absolute Vodka-maker Vin&Sprit.

In a statement issued on Monday, Forseke said she had noted that FI’s criticism concerned the period after she left the company and that that she was not singled out for any personal criticism.

“Despite this I feel that in this important stage for the government in the sale process, it is better that it continues without me, so that the focus can return to securing the value of the companies,” she said.

Odell said he regretted that Forseke felt it necessary to resign.

“She has made a great contribution to building up the organization and the processes for reducing the state’s ownership of companies. She has represented integrity and competence, and I will miss her in the work that lies ahead. At the same time, I respect her decision,” he said.

But Forseke’s resignation was not enough for former Social Democrat industry minister Tomas Östros. He called for Mats Odell’s aide Urban Funered, who also worked at Carnegie, to take temporary leave from his position.